Description Approval of changes made by unprivileged users to MoinMoin Wiki sites
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 10 Nov 2013 15:19:00 +0100


2013-11-10 Paul Boddie Added user blocking and the removal of all queued edits for a user. default tip
2013-11-10 Paul Boddie Changed the action to support discarding of edits, review of other queued edits,
2013-11-06 Paul Boddie Added usage of MoinSupport for common extension functionality.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Marked "to do" item as done.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Removed the ApprovalQueueUser, making use of a special security policy instead.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Added documentation of the configuration settings. Tidied up the documentation.
2013-11-05 Paul Boddie Added initial support for user-specific approval queues.
2013-09-03 Paul Boddie Added a note about creating a special user along with a troubleshooting section.
2013-02-05 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1-1 for changeset 715ac86352dc
2013-02-05 Paul Boddie Added fixes for page reviewer testing and MoinMoin 1.9 group page access. rel-0-1-1


2013-02-05 715ac86352dc rel-0-1-1
2011-10-16 598a4562d7f3 rel-0-1


2013-11-10 5e947e093388 default