Description Improvements to the MoinMoin search facilities
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Thu, 22 Nov 2012 23:07:41 +0100


2012-11-22 Paul Boddie Moved heading extraction functionality to MoinSupport. default tip
2011-02-05 Paul Boddie Made "invocation"-style bracketed arguments optional for formatting terms that
2010-10-03 Paul Boddie Introduced formatting styles that can be combined and applied to formatting
2010-10-03 Paul Boddie Introduced specific linking of formatted data.
2010-09-26 Paul Boddie Added control over which parts of page names will be shown in search results.
2010-09-14 Paul Boddie Introduced search continuation for actions so that a paragraph requested after a
2010-09-05 Paul Boddie Made the formatting options more general, adding support for different actions
2010-07-05 Paul Boddie Fixed an off-by-one error preventing all result pages from being shown in the
2010-06-28 Paul Boddie Started to introduce paging support.
2010-06-25 Paul Boddie Improved search macro support for MoinMoin.



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