Description A parser for an improved table syntax for MoinMoin
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 16 Feb 2020 23:06:03 +0100


2020-02-16 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-2-3 for changeset 72b97fa1e963 default tip
2020-02-16 Paul Boddie Permit floating point numbers in numeric column sorting. rel-0-2-3
2020-02-16 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-2-2 for changeset b81620a4d583
2020-02-16 Paul Boddie Fixed handling of boolean attributes presented inadvertently to the formatter. rel-0-2-2
2015-12-20 Paul Boddie Minor help and test updates.
2015-02-23 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-2-1 for changeset 7172d229dea9
2015-02-23 Paul Boddie Updated release and copyright information. rel-0-2-1
2015-02-22 Paul Boddie Made attribute interpretation more robust; removed redundant token stripping.
2015-02-21 Paul Boddie Attributes may be interpreted and must therefore not be quoted immediately.
2013-06-14 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous import.


2020-02-16 72b97fa1e963 rel-0-2-3
2020-02-16 b81620a4d583 rel-0-2-2
2015-02-23 7172d229dea9 rel-0-2-1
2012-11-29 66826fff6584 rel-0-2
2012-04-02 91fed74cf3bf rel-0-1


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