Description A Mercurial theme for hgweb
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Wed, 20 Feb 2019 15:10:09 +0100


2019-02-20 Paul Boddie Set the page background colour explicitly. default tip
2016-04-28 Paul Boddie Replaced xmlescape usage with escape since it is only employed between tags,
2016-04-28 Paul Boddie Added support for syntax highlighting, requiring a patch for hgext.highlight.
2014-03-11 Paul Boddie Added an overflow property to source regions so that wide content is scrollable.
2014-03-08 Paul Boddie Added some version notes.
2014-03-08 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1-1 for changeset 28e4c77c27d1
2014-02-27 Paul Boddie Removed archive links for directories.
2014-02-23 Paul Boddie Removed inapplicable archive links for directories in the index view.
2014-02-23 Paul Boddie Fixed fragment and query parameters ordering. rel-0-1-1
2013-10-30 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-1 for changeset 63524fe1ec95


2014-02-23 28e4c77c27d1 rel-0-1-1
2012-07-10 63524fe1ec95 rel-0-1


2019-02-20 8747620926a7 default