Description Permit the sending of messages to and from MoinMoin sites
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 12 Apr 2015 19:45:26 +0200


2015-04-12 Paul Boddie Added the emailfix package. gpgutils tip
2015-04-12 Paul Boddie Added replacement email modules to fix header damage and signature verification, gpgutils
2015-04-11 Paul Boddie Exit the fetch script if communication fails. gpgutils
2015-04-11 Paul Boddie Postpone date parsing, removing the DateSupport dependency from MoinMessage. gpgutils
2015-04-10 Paul Boddie Reinstated an accidentally-removed exception. gpgutils
2015-04-06 Paul Boddie Added separate text-based GPG methods. gpgutils
2015-04-06 Paul Boddie Removed the parts of MoinMessage now provided by GPGUtils. gpgutils
2015-04-06 Paul Boddie Added a more specific version of the MoinMessage module. gpgutils
2014-09-03 Paul Boddie Added support for bundling a secret with an exported key for subsequent default
2014-03-30 Paul Boddie Added a simple timestamping script for messages before any eventual signing.



2015-04-12 9c60ac1b83bc gpgutils
2014-09-03 28a668fa9bba default