Description Support libraries for MoinMoin extensions
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:44:22 +0100


2015-01-28 Paul Boddie Merged changes from the default branch. recurrences tip
2015-01-28 Paul Boddie Made imports more specific. recurrences
2014-05-06 Paul Boddie Introduced explicitly named item storage in addition to sequential item storage. default
2014-03-30 Paul Boddie Made default lock directory names related to item directory names or store types.
2014-01-31 Paul Boddie Fetch a resource if its cache entry is of zero size, for whatever reason.
2014-01-29 Paul Boddie Moved cache entry header writing to a separate function.
2014-01-29 Paul Boddie Updated the cache entry key calculation to support an extra argument indicating
2014-01-29 Paul Boddie Moved URL access in the acquisition of resources to a separate function.
2014-01-27 Paul Boddie Added access to the static content location of a wiki.
2014-01-27 Paul Boddie Made the time zone in ISO 8601 datetime strings optional when a time is given.


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2013-07-16 91c146800e06 rel-0-4
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2012-03-26 b8f1a2cc8866 rel-0-1


2015-01-28 791ab8b6dd9d recurrences
2014-05-06 9baf3570197b default
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