Description An XSLT-based Web forms and templating framework for Python
Owner Paul Boddie <paul@boddie.org.uk>
Last change Wed, 24 Feb 2010 00:59:37 +0100


2010-02-24 Paul Boddie Added template:sort which controls the ordering of presented elements. default tip
2009-11-29 Paul Boddie Added fixes from the WebStack example involving credentials, non-ASCII
2009-11-14 Paul Boddie Fixed question moving.
2009-07-07 Paul Boddie Added XHTML to HTML conversion for deficient browsers.
2009-06-22 Paul Boddie Added simple processing of template:i18n function arguments.
2009-06-22 Paul Boddie Removed Qt-related resources.
2009-06-22 Paul Boddie Added some error handling to the questionnaire application.
2009-06-20 Paul Boddie Removed Qt-based scripts.
2009-03-21 Paul Boddie Updated release notes.
2009-03-21 Paul Boddie Added support for file uploads, employing a special list of files as part of the


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