Description The EuroPython 2008 theme for MoinMoin
Owner Paul Boddie <paul@boddie.org.uk>
Last change Wed, 17 Mar 2010 23:36:38 +0100


2010-03-17 Paul Boddie Added improved test for a poll name. default tip
2010-02-17 Paul Boddie Made changes to the navibar link syntax for MoinMoin 1.8.
2010-02-16 Paul Boddie Added tag moin-1.6 for changeset 847927050e1c
2009-02-09 Paul Boddie Removed CategoryMenu since it isn't actually being used. moin-1.6
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Update to CategoryMenu 0.1.
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Merge MoinMoin 1.6.x changes to the default branch.
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Added moin.cgi path note. moin-1.5-compat
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Added moin.cgi path note. moin-1.6
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Merged MoinMoin 1.5.x compatibility changes from the earlier branch. moin-1.5-compat
2008-11-01 Paul Boddie Fix navigation links for MoinMoin 1.5.x. moin-1.5


2009-02-09 847927050e1c moin-1.6
2008-09-07 0fa03d82b23d final-2008
2008-04-05 88d97586bc31 update-3
2008-03-21 2505e64ef1da update-2
2008-01-21 d6c55ab07502 update-1
2008-01-08 08a5fb355cf8 snapshot-2
2007-12-12 22818b68074e snapshot-1


2010-03-17 0d1be73f61db default
2008-11-01 29e4ee6b361a moin-1.5-compat
2008-11-01 cd1eed9898df moin-1.6
2008-11-01 0ded508c46b6 moin-1.5