Description An extension for mail systems that provides calendaring functionality
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Mon, 03 Aug 2020 00:03:47 +0200


2020-08-03 Paul Boddie Changed diagram font to sans-serif. default tip
2020-02-06 Paul Boddie Linked to the incoming messages description from the appropriate graph element.
2020-02-06 Paul Boddie Added a macro producing an automatically generated list of related pages.
2019-05-05 Paul Boddie Added page links to various diagrams.
2019-04-15 Paul Boddie Renamed FrontPage to imip-agent; added moinconvert script.
2018-03-29 Paul Boddie Changed tests to use the text client and convenience functions. client-editing-simplification
2018-03-29 Paul Boddie Introduced resource_script and freebusy_request functions. client-editing-simplification
2018-03-29 Paul Boddie Introduced initial support for generating free/busy requests from objects. client-editing-simplification
2018-03-23 Paul Boddie Distinguish between period cancellation and message cancellation commands. client-editing-simplification
2018-03-23 Paul Boddie Added a convenience method, prepare_cancel_publish_message. client-editing-simplification


2017-04-02 d98c8079dddd rel-0-3
2016-04-26 e42ef2cc0569 rel-0-2
2015-11-06 a04c967b2d8e rel-0-1


2020-08-03 0c623c86704f default
2018-03-29 ac004e961685 client-editing-simplification
2017-09-30 b4072888250f add-fallback-tzid-to-objects
2016-04-22 008b80c604da freebusy-collections
2015-09-28 9cf10fe21c3a imipweb-client-simplification
2015-03-07 53bff024aaf2 recurring-events
2014-12-16 fab1e2c9a701 gpg-sign-outgoing-messages