Description PyXML-style bindings for libxml2
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Tue, 28 Jan 2014 23:27:08 +0100


2014-01-28 Paul Boddie Remove spurious error conditions before parsing, perhaps caused by other users default tip
2014-01-26 Paul Boddie Changed the origin of specific namespace defaults in XPath operations,
2014-01-26 Paul Boddie Added packaging files for Debian Wheezy.
2013-07-20 Paul Boddie Exposed LSException and XIncludeException through libxml2dom.
2013-07-18 Paul Boddie Changed the parsing of HTML documents retrieved using parseURI to use the
2013-07-18 Paul Boddie Improved error handling when obtaining remote HTML resources.
2013-06-01 Paul Boddie Fixed the document encoding for HTML documents retrieved using parseURI.
2012-01-29 Paul Boddie Improved/fixed transform attribute parsing and path data parsing.
2012-01-29 Paul Boddie Added a custom string representation for Node instances.
2011-02-27 Paul Boddie Added tag rel-0-5 for changeset f1cbc3c9c1c8


2011-02-27 f1cbc3c9c1c8 rel-0-5
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2008-02-16 f25e771276fd rel-0-4-6
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2006-11-28 5e56bd85e567 rel-0-3-6


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