Description A fork of the Python standard library compiler package with support for Micropython annotations
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:59:03 +0200


2014-03-31 Paul Boddie Added guard-related annotations. default tip
2013-12-08 Paul Boddie Made operator-using nodes attribute accessors in order to permit optimisations.
2013-11-28 Paul Boddie Produce a "pass" statement where compound statements are empty.
2013-11-17 Paul Boddie Added missing space between "for" and "if" clauses in generator expressions.
2013-11-15 Paul Boddie Support tuple parameters in the serialised output. Fixed "with" serialisation.
2013-10-27 Paul Boddie Added accessor annotations to AssName; added _values and _attrrevbranches to attribute users.
2013-10-09 Paul Boddie Added the unit annotation for all attribute users.
2013-06-30 Paul Boddie Fixed list comprehension "if" statement spacing.
2013-06-30 Paul Boddie Fixed output related to "del" statement usage.
2013-05-01 Paul Boddie Added a special base class providing specific annotations for attribute access.



2014-03-31 2a6be211cbc4 default