Description Tools and resources for using Emdebian on the Ben NanoNote
Owner Paul Boddie <paul@boddie.org.uk>
Last change Sat, 26 Nov 2016 16:01:53 +0100


2016-11-26 Paul Boddie Updated the documentation for Debian Jessie. default tip
2016-11-25 Paul Boddie Fixed the Debian Jessie configuration, asserting sysvinit so that older kernels
2015-06-17 Paul Boddie Fixed the link to the configuration files.
2015-06-17 Paul Boddie Updated the documentation, added a configuration file for jessie, and updated
2014-03-16 Paul Boddie Added apt to the list of necessary (or at least very useful) packages.
2014-03-15 Paul Boddie Added media eject note.
2014-03-15 Paul Boddie Added a test for a root-owned root filesystem to avoid problems with the
2014-03-11 Paul Boddie Moved multistrap configuration files into the conf directory.
2013-07-29 Paul Boddie Added details of locales, swap partitions, and setting the clock and time zone.
2013-05-10 Paul Boddie Updated copyright information.



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