Description A remake of the Letux makesd tool
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Tue, 11 Jun 2019 15:37:46 +0200


2019-06-11 Paul Boddie Fixed erroneous partition reference. default tip
2019-06-10 Paul Boddie Permit certain properties to be duplicated, such as the "expand" property.
2019-06-10 Paul Boddie Switched to a more structured system definition format.
2019-05-28 Paul Boddie Updated help and comments.
2019-05-28 Paul Boddie Filter summary columns for scripts, the formatter accepting one value per line.
2019-05-27 Paul Boddie Support partition population arguments, generating a broader summary table.
2019-05-27 Paul Boddie Removed superfluous IFS storage and retrieval.
2019-05-27 Paul Boddie Added initial documentation, more copyright and licensing details.
2019-05-27 Paul Boddie Added copyright and licensing details.
2019-05-25 Paul Boddie Added hardware definition name output. Tidied up definitions file variables.



2019-06-11 8e8e8d934afa default