Description Simple text file indexing
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 21 Apr 2013 22:04:07 +0200


2013-04-21 Paul Boddie Permitted the retrieval of multiple records when searching. default tip
2011-10-29 Paul Boddie Fixed command syntax description.
2011-10-03 Paul Boddie Support the immediate retrieval of an indexed record.
2011-10-03 Paul Boddie The index is actually a full sequence, not a reader.
2011-10-03 Paul Boddie Introduced an abstraction for an indexed file.
2011-10-03 Paul Boddie Permitted the make_index function to use existing sequence-like objects.
2011-10-02 Paul Boddie Converted the indexer into a sequence-like class.
2011-10-02 Paul Boddie A TextFile instance is not actually needed to wrap a file object.
2011-10-02 Paul Boddie Renamed "key" to "field" when referring to columns in delimited data.
2011-10-02 Paul Boddie Changed the index-related functions to use a get_key callable instead of an



2013-04-21 b87297d00005 default