Description Python source code analysis
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Sun, 13 Jul 2008 21:16:04 +0200


2008-07-13 Paul Boddie Added some documentation. default tip
2008-07-13 Paul Boddie Added licensing information.
2008-07-13 Paul Boddie Commit long uncommitted changes.
2007-10-14 Paul Boddie Introduced iteration over instance fixing in order to reduce the non-distinct
2007-10-14 Paul Boddie Added an issues document which discusses the obstacles in processing Python
2007-10-14 Paul Boddie Added lists of covered and missing nodes.
2007-10-14 Paul Boddie Reformatted somewhat.
2007-09-22 Paul Boddie Updated the generator to work with revised class/attribute tables.
2007-09-06 Paul Boddie Added a fully-qualified name method for WithName-derived classes, producing a
2007-09-04 Paul Boddie Fixed global namespace tracking (and thus base class references).



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