Description iCalendar, vCalendar and vCard format reading/writing for Python
Owner Paul Boddie <>
Last change Mon, 11 Dec 2017 00:32:37 +0100


2017-12-11 Paul Boddie Added copying and comparison support to selectors. default tip
2017-12-09 Paul Boddie Fixed qualifier value checking upon failure and where no ranges are specified.
2017-12-07 Paul Boddie Consolidate resolution-related information into a single table.
2017-12-04 Paul Boddie Introduced validation of qualifier arguments using the check_values function.
2017-12-04 Paul Boddie Prevent month-level and monthday updates from introducing bad datetime values.
2017-12-03 Paul Boddie Eliminated duplicate code by introducing a selector preparation function.
2017-12-03 Paul Boddie Fixed inclusive (UNTIL) selection to avoid non-final selectors causing duplicate
2017-12-03 Paul Boddie Introduced symbols for resolution levels and a mapping from levels to symbols.
2017-12-03 Paul Boddie Make WeekDayFilter an Enum subclass, ensuring that such selectors can be wrapped
2017-12-03 Paul Boddie Introduce datetime information between selectors where appropriate.


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